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The Best Shopify Spy Tools for eCommerce Competitor Analysis


Boost your Shopify sales with these top-rated spy tools. Discover the best ways to track trends, analyze competitors and increase your conversions.

How Can Spy Tools Benefit Your Shopify Store?

Spying on competitors is crucial for businesses as it provides insights into their strategies, helps with SEO efforts, reveals preferred platforms for content sharing, and ensures focus on effective marketing to prevent wasting money and resources.

Shopify spy tools are software that helps eCommerce store owners gather data on competitors' activities. The top tools include SpySales for product research and competitor analysis, Niche Scraper for finding winning products and analyzing competitors, Xpareto for analyzing competitor product offerings and business methods, and BigSpy for monitoring and analysis.


SpySales is a spy tool that helps businesses analyze competitors' campaigns across multiple platforms. It features ad research, targeting analysis, and data exports. Pricing starts at $20/month, with an average rating of 4.8/5. Additionally:

  • It helps in researching top-performing stores and products on Shopify.
  • Maximizing Profits and Staying Ahead, Sales Data, and Competitive Analysis
  • Discover profitable products, monitor live sales data, track competitors' ad campaigns, and stay up-to-date with global sales trends using a tool designed for business owners. 

PPSpy is an AI research tool designed to empower businesses by unraveling the secrets of competitors' top-selling products. However, its success rate is as close as 50%. Pricing starts at $20/month, offering a small value for businesses looking to gain a competitive edge. Rated an impressive 3.8/5, PPSPY is the go-to solution for entrepreneurs seeking to maximize profits and stay ahead in the market.


  • Discover Top-Selling Products.
  • Enhance Success Rate in Dropshipping: using PPSPY's AI capabilities to identify some winning products for Shopify.
  • Focuses on high-performing stores, saving time and resources.
  • Gain valuable insights into free traffic sources

ShopHunter, a tool that claims to unlock the mysteries behind competitors' success, presents itself as a seemingly extravagant solution with a success rate hovering around 50%. However, this "premium" offering starts at an eye-watering $75/month, providing what seems like negligible value for businesses looking to gain an edge. Rated at a modest 4/5, ShopHunter positions itself as a choice for entrepreneurs seeking sophistication but delivers a paltry return on investment.


  • Gain valuable insights into competitors' strategies
  • Access to Top Stores and Products
  • Explore Winning Products

Dropship.io has made an impact on the dropshipping landscape. This AI-powered platform offers similar features such as product trend insights, competition analysis, and sales history review. In comparison with other dropshipping platforms, Dropship.io does not stand out pretty much since other software has also developed its AI capabilities and user-friendly interface.


  • Product Trend Insights: Provides insights into trending dropship products.
  • Competition Analysis: Enables users to examine their competitors.
  • Sales History Review: Allows examination of a product’s sales history.

UniSpy, a Chrome extension, focuses on Shopify stores with less than 5000 products. The Pro plan allows users to spy on sales, view product details, traffic sources, apps, and ads. It provides valuable information on a store's sales performance, best-sellers, and live sales stream. To access all features, users need the Pro plan which costs $119/ year.


  • New Arrival Monitor.
  • Shopify Product Scraper and Export/Download 
  • Download product images with scraper.
  • Reveal Apps and theme.
Wrapping Up – Start Spying to Increase Your Shopify Sales Today

Unleash the full potential of your business with SpySales, an app designed to provide real-time sales tracking, best sales trends, winning products and user-friendly integration. In addition, it delivers everyday insights into your Shopify store's performance. Dive deep into your competitors’ product performance metrics, pricing strategies, and promotional activities to build your strategy and secure a larger share of the market. Seize the opportunity, SpySales is not just an app; it's your key to growth and success. Take charge now and elevate your business into million dollars business!

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