SpySales - Real-Time Sales Tracking for Shopify Stores

SpySales: The Sole Accurate Shopify Sales Tracker

Introducing Spysales: Your exclusive, unrivaled tracking solution post-Shopify updates. Effortlessly monitor stores, products, and gain invaluable insights. Your trusted partner for comprehensive sales monitoring.

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What is Sales Tracker? 

Sales Tracker allows you to track sales of any Shopify store or product listing powered by AI

Unlocking the Secrets of Store Success

Gone are the days of guessing a store's earnings. With Sales Tracker, you're in control. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to precise insights. Now, you have the power to monitor any store of your choice, 24/7, and receive real-time, daily sales updates at your fingertips. Join the revolution in store performance tracking with Sales Tracker!

Full Store Product Sales Tracking

Spysales provides you with complete visibility into a store's product sales. When you track a store with us, you'll access detailed data on every product's sales performance, helping you make informed decisions for your e-commerce success. Get the full picture with Spysales!

Features In Product Research

Effortlessly monitor Shopify stores and unlock valuable data insights.
Track every product's data in the Shopify stores you monitor.
Access historical data for both the store and its products.